Jun 2, 2013

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A “Mulan” Inspired 4th Birthday Party!

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Hey all! Today’s post is letting you into a little bit of my life. My daughter, Lila, turns 4 this week and we had her “Mulan” inspired party this weekend. (Last year she had a “Belle” inspired party!) For the record–my son gets parties like this too, I just never get a chance to get them into a post because his birthday is at a crazy time of year! (December 31st)

A "Mulan" inspired party! | peak313.com


♦ BBQ Pork Sandwiches (hot dogs for the kids)

Macaroni & Cheese (last year I did my healthy one, this year I went “Comfy”!)

Broccoli Salad

♦ Salsa/Hummus/Homemade Guacamole

♦ Tortilla/Pretzels/Veggies

♦ Strawberries & Dip

♦ Veggie Sushi Rolls (# fail. Will discuss later)

♦ Sushi Krispies

♦ A Mulan Cake!

(I would’ve loved a party with Asian themed food but I don’t have enough confidence in cooking it and didn’t want to order it in!!)


A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

We dipped fortune cookies in pink chocolate and then dipped in sprinkles. Added a nice twist to the normal cardboard taste of a fortune cookie!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

Sushi Krispies! Make a pan of rice krispies, then break into circles and oval shapes. Take a fruit roll up, slice up and put around  and top with Swedish fish!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

These look great but we made them the night before and they were mushy and runny. Yuck.  I decided not to put them out, however, my mother in law and husband ate them and loved them! Recipe here.

A "Mulan" Inspired Party Cake | peak313.com

My mother in law always makes our birthday cakes and will do whatever theme I ask! This is what she came up with for Lila and I loved it! The inside of the cake was cherry and strawberry. YUM!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

Paper Lanterns, chinese fans, and chinese take out cartons were fun touches!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.comThe kids are ready for the cake!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.comMy awesome family!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.comMommy and Mulan!

Mulan Party | peak313.comMy precious, energetic, full of life, little girl! What a blessing she is to us!

  1. Absolutely adorable! We have those difficult birthday dates as well! November 29th and December 31st! Thankfully the three smallest ones came on months March, May and August.

  2. Esther Oyola says:

    This is so beautiful.My daughter 6th birthday is coming up in August and I am looking for ideas since she is a discontinued character.

  3. Hi. This is so cute. Do you have ideas for the invitations? Did you do some? Thanks!

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