Oct 2, 2013

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Craving Conquerers {Guest Post by Candace Cameron Bure}

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We have a very special guest today talking about our Key for Week 3 of the “Living and Active” challenge: craving conquerers!

Candace Cameron Bure’s biography is filled with many many accomplishments, fame and excitement, but the awesome thing about her is that she goes much deeper than all of those.  She is uniquely gifted and placed in this specific time to reach people for the Kingdom of God! I ask that you pray for her as she shines her light to those God has chosen to place her with.

"Craving Conquerers" guest post by Candace Cameron Bure | peak313.com

(Here’s Candace and me this summer at a wedding doing our best at conquering our cravings. How do you think we did? ha!)

And now, let’s hear from Candace!

Craving Conquerers (Guest Post by Candace Cameron Bure) : peak313.com


Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.
1 John 2:15-16 

Who doesn’t crave something? For some, it might be love, shopping, encouraging words or even working out.

But for most of us, when we hear the word “crave” we think food. I know I’m not the only one to shares cravings for ice cream, In&Out Burger and chocolate anything all year long! Cravings are fine, as long as we fulfill those cravings in moderation and those that are beneficial to us.

I was sitting on my couch alone, Val and the kids had gone to bed and I thought about having a sweet treat while I watched T.V. into the wee hours of the night. I wasn’t really craving anything… but the thought of something yummy kept popping into my mind because I knew it was there. I kept contemplating… should I eat it? I don’t really desire it. Yeah, but it will taste so good once you bite into it. No, I shouldn’t. I don’t need it and I’m not even craving it! But it’s there! And… the battle of the mind began.

Have you ever felt yourself in a situation where you didn’t even want something, but the more you thought about it, the more you convinced yourself that you needed it? I do it a lot more than I ever imagined once I became aware of it. The more I think about something, especially food, the more I’ve talked myself into having something I never really desired in the first place. So how do I keep myself from going on this mental journey that always turns into a battle?

In my book, Reshaping It All, I talk about “the eye covenant” found in Job 31:, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I look upon a young woman?” Using Job as a role model, many committed husbands, like mine, have decided to make the same covenant with their eyes. If a beautiful woman walks by, a man may take notice, but if he gazes at her for a while, his mind will travel to places it shouldn’t. So rather than looking her way, he turns his eyes and his attention to something else.

If this covenant helped Job overcome lust of the flesh, it can also work for us in regard to food! Instead of fantasizing over lunch, or spending the evening meditating on what dessert we’ll have, let us turn our thoughts and attention to something else. Use this covenant of the eyes to avoid the snack isles while shopping, passing up free samples instead of stopping to consider them, replying “No, thank you,” the next time someone passes a brownie your way and to stay focused on the car ahead of you when you drive by a fast food chain.

The truth is, we may desperately crave something that isn’t beneficial, but we must decide to choose our action; give in or stand strong! If you stick with it, your body will eventually agree with your choice and you will crave to continue to do so.

This brings me to the word of God. When I wake up and read the bible and read it again before bed, the more I crave being in God’s presence and hearing His word wash over me. The more I think about the way I feel after reading the bible and praying, I can’t imagine that I’ve EVER skip a day! Realize the power of cravings. If I can talk myself into craving food I didn’t even want in the first place, I can certainly set my mind on spending daily time with God to the point that I’ll crave it. And what more in life would you want to crave?! Isn’t renewing our mind, body, spirit and soul in the word of God, strengthening our relationship with Him, pouring out our hearts cries and holding onto His promises what it’s all about?                 ~ Candace

Living and Active (Candace Cameron Bure) : peak313.com


Yes! What a great word! Thank you Candace! Are you willing to stand with me for the rest of the challenge and conquer those bad cravings? Saying no gets easier each time—I promise!

Now, I want to know. (Candace didn’t ask me to do this) Who has read her book, “Reshaping It All?” If you have and feel comfortable, could you share a little below in the comments what helped you out the most from reading it?

Feel free to share personal stories or quotes from the book itself! Also, if you want to share what cravings have negatively taken over your life and your action plan to get through them, we’d love to hear it too!

  1. Thank you for the encouragement. I really needed this! :o)

    • funny thing is I read this on face book AFTER I had lunch and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I am a snackaholic. through Christ I CAN do this

  2. kendra burton says:

    I read Reshaping it All in February. I’ve since lost 20 pounds. After reading the book, I realized that I was spending WAY too much time, effort, and thoughts on food. It was ruling me and I didn’t even know it. I’ve learned moderation. I’ve also learned that at the end of a long homeschooling day, I don’t need chocolate or a glass of wine – I need God’s Word and prayer!

    I only got the book because we restrict TV viewing and my daughter heard about an “old” show called Full House that her friend was allowed to watch. After seeing a few episodes, she saw Candace’s book and wanted me to get it – she loves D.J. and figured the real woman would be pretty great, too. I told her it wasn’t a book geared for her but as a Christian, the title intrigued me so I bought it. So glad!

  3. My cravings are conquering me most of the time. I struggle so. This was an encouraging post, reminding me that I need to crave my time with the Lord.

  4. Silvia M. says:

    I read this and thought to myself, that sounds like me! I am half way reading Candace book and I must say it is very inspirational. Thanks I really needed to read this.

  5. Amber landers says:

    I was able to hear her at Hearts at Home, I was also able to pick up her book then. I have read it and making my way a 2nd time. I’m largely over weight, and do not take time for myself, I have a husband and kids at home that are my life and all my time goes to them. I have taken that time to get in to Gods word each day, praying each day I have join a women Bible study. I have change the way I look at food and what I want from it also. I have started working back out and have found that I love it. I have not lost the amount that I wanted but I’m working on it and soon I will be there. We hope that with us losing the weight that we will welcome another baby in to our house

  6. I have read Candace’s book and I just praise God for her! The book is a perfect reminder and motivator on where our hearts and focus should be as Godly women. Candace is such an inspiration and I thank her so much for being so bold in her faith and willing to share her testimony to help women conquer this spiritual battle.

  7. Jennifer Wallace says:

    I purchased her book approximately 8 months ago and have attempted to read it twice. I have been boggled down with grad school and kids (not meaning to make excuses), so I have yet to finish it. What I have read, however, has been very motivating. I have come to the realization that I am an emotional eater and I have not put my issue with food in God’s hands. That in itself explains why I haven’t been successful in the endeavor to get healthy. I have grown accustomed to placing so much value in the number on the scale instead of getting spiritually, mentally and physically healthy. I’m not obese, but according to the government standards I had to follow in the military I am about 20 pounds overweight. She pointed out that our bodies are the Lords temple and we should treat them that way. Candace has helped shed much needed light on the food issue for me. I will finish her book and hopefully be able to implement some of her techniques into my own life. Thanks for letting me share!

  8. Elizabeth kelley says:

    I started reading her book just by chance and it completely reshaped my mind and I realized my desire for food was actually a sin because I was constantly thinking about it and obsessed with losing weight but nothing was happening. After “reshapping” my mind and giving it to God my weight has dropped dramatically! 56lbs so far!! Candace is such an inspiration in doing health the right and godly way.

  9. I have not read this book yet but have been wanting to for awhile. Just haven’t had the extra moolah to buy it right now. This post was def a word in due season for me today. It’s my biggest battle when it comes to my health. My husband is a cop who works nights so I’m alone alot at night in front of the tv sometimes and well, the battle ensues. This completely has stirred me up to get in the word even more when this battle happens. I def know the difference between me being genuinely hungry versus me just wanting to nosh. lol Thank you for this! What a gift to me it was today :)

    • kendra burton says:

      A friend of mine checked Candace’s book out at the library. Since purchasing it isn’t an option for you right now, try the library!

    • Dana Mitchell says:

      I got my copy from the library also. I enjoyed it so much I am going buy me a copy.

  10. I have read her book. I must say I do not need to lose weight. In fact, I need to gain weight. I have not been very diligent about eating healthy and working out regularly, to be honest. I was really inspired to try some new recipes and work toward a healthy body and soul, instead of viewing food as just whatever I felt like eating. I needed more and proper nutrients to sustain myself to do the work God has for me. I had to surrender my desire to just eat whatever to God. I am working on that every single day. I can’t say I’ve been perfect, but I am taking steps toward that. It is a continual process. I fail several times, but her book has really encouraged me not to focus on the failures and focus more on living a life surrendered to God. I really love her book and recommend it whenever an opportunity arises. I hope she writes another one soon! She’s fabulous!

  11. Hi candace my name is paula and I have been through a lot this year I have been sober for 13 months today truly by gods grace he has carryed me a lot this year, I have been married to this wonderful husband of mine for 21 years we have three kids and are working hard on our marrage god will bring us through I have faith but I lost our home after 20 years and our cars we are having to start from the bottom again but I no god will brings us through all these financial problems in time its just hard some days wondering if you have the rent money and if the kids have there needs but I did at least thank god keep my job I have been there 19 years I am a baker for krogers I love you and kirk blessing to help so many. God bless you paula from col, ohio.

  12. This is paula again candace one of my goal when I get back on my feet financial is to get health I have gained 6o pounds since I got sober really want to get health and teach my kids a better way of eating but it is a little pricey but I will keep praying for gods help on that one for sure god has helped me through a lot so I will keep it simple and let god director me.

  13. I have read it and it helped to totally change the way I think – which is exactly what I needed- a transformation of my mind!!

  14. I have recently purchased ‘Reshaping It All’ and I read a little each night. So far I’ve been encouraged to straighten up my gym routine and really rethink the way I eat and what I eat. I’ve noticed differences and am sad I didn’t purchase her book a long time ago when I first saw it. Maybe my heart wasn’t ready yet, maybe I wouldn’t have been in a place to hear God’s voice sewn in her book, but what’s happening now is true transformation.

  15. I’m almost through my third time reading her book and I love it. Each time new sections will pop out and come to my attention. I was doing very well at reducing my portion sizes and cutting out sweets, but have since fallen off the wagon. It has been so much harder for me to get rid of the sweets this time. I definitely have the problem where if it’s there I will eat it. I’m great at passing it by at the store, but if it gets in my house it will be devoured in a few days. Maybe I just need to cut out the sweets all together. I guess when I say that I have a wicked sweet tooth it’s the truth. I’m praying to conquer it.

    • I can relate to the sweet tooth. Try eating those delicious desserts more slowly. If you’ve never had a piece of dark chocolate with a cup of hot tea, it is highly recommended. One square will slowly dissolve with the heat from the tea and drags out the delight!

  16. I bought Reshaping It All one week ago and am slowly making my way through. My husband passed away 2 years ago with lung cancer and food is my comfort. I too need help with not giving in. I want to be strong minded in my health as well as my spiritual life. I have always loved instant gratification and that is something I pray I overcome. I know I can not do this alone, I will have to trust that God can satisfy the needs that I’m trying to fill up with food. I’m not strong enough alone so please pray for me.

    • Praying for you in AR!

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers are being said for you. You can do this – not just for yourself and to honor God, but also to honor your husband who would be devastated if he knew the extent of your sorrow and self-destructive behavior. Be healthy to honor his memory and live the life he would have wanted you to – doing the things you both enjoyed.

  17. Dana Mitchell says:

    I love her and her book! I am reading her book for the 2nd time. I also love the healthy recipes she shares. Her book has motivated me to eat healthy, move more and read my bible more. The title “Reshaping It All” is very fitting for this book. I wish she would write another book – maybe on how to discipline your children in a Christian way or something like that ;)

  18. Dana Mitchell says:

    One of my favorite quotes from her book – “one pound at a time, one prayer at a time, one day at a time”.

  19. thank you for the encouraging post!

  20. I borrowed Candace’s book from my Mom and read it earlier this year. I love the practical recipes that she shared. I was inspired by her testimony of the struggles that she faced–especially since most of it was in the spotlight. I subscribe to her Practically Speaking blog and find that she has good, sound insight and is a beautiful person inside and out!! Thanks for sharing today Candace!!

  21. Her book is so encouraging! A must read! God used her book to help me lose 26 lbs. I have a different perspective on food and have felt that overindulgence/gluttony was an issue in my life that I had never realized before. I now view the way I eat differently. I like her practical recipes and have taken weight loss a pound at a time with motivation from her book. My life has changed because of it.

  22. I read Reshaping It All and it was amazing! It helped me to see the spiritual side of my emotional eating. I have always been pretty athletic and fit, but after two high risk pregnancies and bed rest at the end, it took it’s toll on my body. My emotional eating got worse and even though I may not be considered extremely overweight by others, what I was doing to my body was disrespectful to not only those around me, but to the One who created me. Candace’s book has helped me to surrender my cravings and other reasons why I may eat to the Lord. Some days are better than others, but I’ve learned to accept His grace and then start again, one foot in front of the other. I have enjoyed the posts from you and her motivation based on scripture…it is truly a blessing from the Lord that I praise Him for her commitment to Him and His leading in her lifestyle of being in the spotlight. I’m also a dreamed up fashionista, so I love the fashion side of her too. :)

  23. I read Candance’s book about 2 years ago. At the time it was just what I needed to read. I also went to a conference to see her speak about the book. It was interesting to be able to see her in person talk about her struggles. I thought after I read the book that this was it, I was really going to lose the weight this time. She gave some important lessons and tools and I just knew now I would do it. Well, 2 years later, I still haven’t lost the weight. I’m a stay at home mom and well, it’s just plain hard. I have been thin and I’ve been big and I’ve been fit and out of shape, so I have a lot of experience :). My point is, Candace’s book is Wonderful and it makes you think about your health in a different way, but until you decide to surrender and do it, it just won’t happen. Funny enough, the one thing that really stuck with me about the book, is when she talked about her relapse with bulimia and how sometimes God just puts you back in the worst place to get you finished with the problem and bring you out of it. So when I have felt so trapped with being overweight and really dark, I remember God is trying to get me to never want to be there again and to surrender. He is not being mean, he is just trying to get me to say, Ok, I’m done with this way of living.

  24. I have not only read Candace’s book, but I bought extra copies to give to friends and family. I also purchased the audiobook so I can have reinforcement and encouragement, via my iPod, regardless of where I am.

    The best lesson is the big one – you’re not alone. Millions of people battle the same choices on a daily basis and it gets easier with time, resolve and a great support group – even if it is an audiobook and someone to follow on blogs and twitter. Through God all things are truly possible, and he will show you the tools available to help you overcome whatever your issues are. There is no quick solution, but you are never alone, and it is worth the effort.

  25. Catherine says:

    I really enjoyed her book. I love where she talked about practicing strength training your “resistance muscle” – making wise choices and practice saying no – limiting treats, passing on treats at gatherings, etc.
    Other favorite points from the book:
    - All food is permissible but not beneficial.
    - “a healthy body is a reflection of an inner life that is balanced and one that has exercised self-control”.
    - when I lead my body to spiritual food, the desires of the world will fade away.

  26. I loved her book. We have used a few of her great recipes. My husband is the opposite of hers and does not cook after 19 years of marriage. Now he has conquered turkey tacos and her fajitas (and so have I). Lots of what she says makes sense and I love the application of God’s word as it’s so important in this journey to healthy living. I especially like the part where she actually talks about not looking at all the cooking mags and health mags because it leaves you obsessed with it all. I have found a new freedom in not having to leaf through all these mags for the magic bullet that will finally stick, or for a “new regime” that will recharge my efforts. In fact, I am finally losing those last 10 pounds that just will not budge (slowly but it’s coming off). I juice one day a week and on a day where I know in the evening I’m going to have some wonderful comfort foods, instead of freaking out that I should not have them, I just balance the day. This is what moderation is all about. I’m not perfect and I never will be, but the goal is progress and not perfection. Right?

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