Jun 24, 2012

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New Move Monday: Shoulder Bridge Burners (Video)

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Shoulder bridges are exercises that I use in my pilates classes all the time! We do them straight on the floor, on a small ball, and I even do them with medicine balls at the gym! Today, I’m demonstrating a way to use what you have in your home to feel the burn on your backside! Do this at the gym, backyard, or during commercials as you watch tv to get that backside toned up!


Keep These Things In Mind:

- Keep your chest open and shoulders away from your ears

- Keep your hips square with the ceiling. Don’t let them fall off to one side or another.

- Breathe!

- Do 2-3 sets of 10-20 lifts. Make sure to switch sides to keep both sides even!

Variation 1: Basic Shoulder Bridge

Lift rear end up and down.

Variation 2: Marching Shoulder Bridge

Lift rear end up, then lift right leg off the step, drop it back down to the step. Drop rear end to beginning position. Repeat, but lift the left leg off the step. Repeat

Variation 3: Straight Leg Drop Lifts

Lift the rear end up, then take the right leg straight into the air. Drop and lift the booty while keeping the leg straight in the air. Repeat on the other side.

Variation 4: “Dig in”

Go to your HEELS on the step. Do all the above variations like that. You can even put the feet in a very narrow stance to make it harder!


Video Demo Below!

(Click here if you can’t see video)

  1. Thanks for another great post! I’m so enjoying reading your blog and trying the exercises. I was a gymnast and dancer in my youth but after getting married and having kids I have packed on 80 pounds or so, mostly from bed rest with my first child. My fourth child is five months old now and I finally feel really ready to jump back into exercising again. My muscles want to be worked out again. I started doing the 31:17 workout that you sent with the GMG Bible Study group. Having that PDF helped SO MUCH! Will you be doing this again for your other workouts?

  2. These are easy to do while watching tv. So much so that once I did so many I couldn’t walk the next day! Thanks for the variations so I can switch it up.

  3. Hey Clare,
    Spring time has been super busy for me—so you haven’t heard from me in a while! I’ve still been running, but strength training, wellll, not so much! Thanks for faithfully blogging and enthusiastically posting all of these GREAT tools! This “backside” one is great for me b/c it doesn’t hurt my needs! (It’s hard for me to find lower body exercises that are easy on my knees!)
    Thanks for faithfully pressing on!
    PS. I finally got to watch your Proverbs 31:17 Arm workout today! AWESOME! I will print it out to take on vacation with me next week, although I can’t seem to find my weights….(That’s embarrassing to admit to the fitness instructor! LOL!)
    ♥Kim A.

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