Sep 25, 2011

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Your New Normal

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I may be young, but I’m not stupid.

I realize that some of you are fighting an upstream battle. You are breaking old habits and making new ones. You are fighting the stereotypes that have been with you for years. This whole “health kick” has put a little kink in your normal life and quite frankly, you’re wondering how you are going to maintain it.

You maintain your new life by transforming your mind: You have a new normal.

Your New Normal:

The earlier you accept this, the less resistance you’ll have to it.

Once you realize that things like this will always be a part of your life…

♦ Enacting self control at the dessert table

♦ Juggling activities to fit in exercise

♦ Choosing to say “no” when others say “yes”

♦ Keeping “What’s healthiest for me” in the back of your head

Accept it. Don’t resist it. The quicker you accept it, the quicker others will be to accept it too. But if you are in a new season of  life and haven’t always lived this way then this is going to be a struggle. You are going to be fighting old habits and your natural tendency will be to go back to the old normal.

But I’ve got good news.

Your new normal also looks like this:

♦ More energy

♦ Smaller clothing

♦ Less medications

♦ Toned body

♦ Self-control

♦ Freedom

It’s a trade-off. Change your mentality. It’s all good. It’s YOUR new normal.



“You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires;  to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Ephesians 4:20
  1. Oh I love Ephesians 4:20 here! Great post!

  2. Debbie Thomas says:

    Clare, a heartfelt thanks for sharing the exercise DVD i tried it this morning and loved it! I had never heard of Michelle Dozois before. You are an absolute blessing to me, may the Lord continue to bless you:)

    • Clare@peak313 says:

      Wonderful! I love every single one of her DVD’s!! She will get your body in SHAPE!

      I am thankful for your comments, Debbie. I see each one and they really do encourage me!!


  3. awesome post. Thanks for the reminder – even when you’ve been at it awhile it is still easy to fall back into bad habits. :) will be writing that scripture on an index card and hanging it in my office and on my fridge.

  4. That’s such good truth Clare. Thank you, I needed this…

  5. You’re SO right! I’m trying to make morning my work out time rather than evening and it’s SO hard for me…it’s just not my “normal” but because of blogging and the kids later bed times – it HAS to be my new normal! But man – teaching this old dog new tricks is hard! I made it this morning – we’ll see about tomorrow lol!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing … I am *so* working to reprogram my brain!

  7. Great points! I’m amazed at how fierce this battle can be. But wow, what an awesome reward we find when we fight it out and accept our new normal.

    I love the picture you painted of the new normal. It’s so much nicer than the old normal :)

  8. I love love LOVE Ephesians 4:20!!!!

  9. This was made so clear to me this week!! My birthday was Thursday and at work we tend to go ‘all out’ for birthdays. There was so much food and of course because it was in my ‘honor’ I felt I needed to eat it all. I ate much more than I have been since beginning my healthier lifestyle. Then, already full I came home to a wonderful birthday supper with my family.

    I have never felt so uncomfortable! For hours…into the next day I regretted my choices!! It made me realize that I have made a great deal of progress and now need to learn to heed the voice more and not be afraid of offending someone because I am doing what is best for me.

    Thanks for sharing God’s gift to you of encouraging others in the areas of health & fitness! I look forward to your posts.


  10. Thank you! I was diagnosed with a horrible painful bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis 14 years ago. Now I have made a lot of diet changes to help heal my bladder but the biggest one that would help me I have struggled to break free of! Drinking soda. I’m finally off the caffeine and almost a week off of pop. Your blogs have kept me motivated this week. This one hit home for me because I was in denial and plain didn’t want to give up something I loved . Here’s hoping I can stay strong and go longer than 2 weeks. keep up the good work! God bless

  11. Thank you for sharing this again. I am making the determination to say “I don’t eat this or that” instead of “I can’t”. I am desperate to change. I am making my new normal. If ACTS 2:38 can change my spiritually then Philippian’s 4:5 “Let your moderation be know unto all men . . .” can change my life as well!! Praise God

  12. I needed this reminder today! I’ve been wishing that I didn’t need so much sleep lately. I used to be able to get away with just a few hours, but now I’m a cranky zombie all day if I don’t get enough sleep at night. The old way wasn’t really healthy, so I need to keep that in mind when I’m wishing that I could have a few more hours in my day. :)

  13. Cricket Townsend says:

    I realize that this post was made several months back, but God has a way of placing just what you need right before you at just the right time. This is exactly whereI am at in my life and needed to hear these each word of this post. It has given me much to meditate on and another tool to utilize on my healthy-me journey.

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